Monday, September 15, 2008

Mission accomplished!

Well I am finally back online again!! HS decided early last week the problem was the power cord so dutiful mother that I am went and bought a new one. That helped but still didn't solve the problem of being able to log onto the internet. It was ignored (although grumbled about) for the next few days and finally on Friday morning before work I decided enough was enough. I did the logical thing and phoned the support number for our provider and sure enough 20minutes later we were back online!!!!! I am now officially the 'Queen of Technology' in our house. The next problem became a lack of time over the weekend! The 'horsey' one's long awaited school musical stage debut took place. She was the star of the Dolphin chorus (sure there were 20 mothers saying the same thing!). My inlaws and my Mum came to watch the matinee yesterday and oohed and aahed appropriately! The 'horsey' one also had a riding clinic on both Saturday and Sunday and we had the hockey presentation dinner Saturday night. Added to the mix 'HS' worked at his kitchen hand job on Sunday so busy all round. Needless to say no stitching but I did manage two of these blueberry cakes over the weekend - Yummy!! Lots of photos and news to catch up on so think there will be quite a few posts this week.


Carol said...

You techno queen you. Love it. Leave it to the girls to work these things out. And that blueberry cake looks yummy. I loooooove blueberries, are you able to share the recipe? Cause a girl cannot have too much material, yarn or recipes, right? LOL

Owens Family Adventures said...

The blueberry cake looks really good!!!! You sound like you're really busy...makes the days go by fast. :) Glad your daughter was a star...and we know she was the brightest one!!!
Have a wonderful week!!

Anita said...

Can I have some tea with my cake? Looks really good. Isn't it nice to fix something no one else could get done. Looking forward to pictures.