Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Stormy weather....

Last week we had some lovely mild days with signs that Spring had finally arrived appearing everywhere. It was enough to put a smile on the dial!!! Saturday was the most magnificent day, my perfect weather. I was able to get washing dry, needed to use sunscreen and the garden was beckoning. Well Winter is back with a vengeance! We have had stormy, cold (no make that freezing), windy weather since Sunday. We actually lost a tree - a huge gum in our yard on Sunday night. It fell over our back neighbors fence. At this stage it doesn't look like it has damaged their fence , only shredded his pride and joy - his walnut tree. It could of been so much worse. It is just getting light now so SH will soon do an inspection after another windy night. Please could we have Spring back???
Still no stitching to report.......After work last night I scored the 'horsey' one's basketball game before going to a meeting at school regarding her trip next year to China!!!!!!!!!!! Yes the school that my children go to have the 'Year 9 experience' which begins with a week in the city in February, 4 weeks at a sister school (and touring) in China in April and a 10day camp in the Otways in November. What a life! HS went last year and had a great time . After a quick dinner SH and the 'horsey one' went off to another meeting at school , this time about their camp coming up in November this year! After I collected HS from refereeing basketball I headed off to bed for an early night. Maybe tonight!

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