Thursday, September 18, 2008

Food Glorious Food!

I love food! There I've said it and if you could see me you would be able to see the results!!! My HS did hospitality at school yesterday and brought home 2 bags of the best looking Florentine biscuits and trust me they taste as good as they look!! He would like to be a Chef and has done for a few years, he always does very well in Hospitality and has a part time job as a kitchen hand (oops sorry I think that is 'dish pig') and he certainly has the right temperament!! He has never found school easy or enjoyable and we had looked at other options for next year such as a school based apprenticeship but he would have to swap schools and he would prefer to stay with his mates where he is. It means that if he knuckles down for the next 2 years he will always have other options if he should decide he wants them. As long as he is happy in life and able to support himself I will be happy, he has been given the opportunities , it is up to him how he uses them.

(Okay I confess - still NO stitching, I am having withdrawals!)


Owens Family Adventures said...

That looks really good!! Yummmmmy!
I know you are very proud. :)

Anita said...

My granddaughter is also interested in cooking and baking. She is taking some kind of school class where she does a cooking apprenticeship. I know what you mean about having withdrawals from sewing. I'm feeling the same, but have to wait alittle longer.

Carol said...

Oh those cookies look absolutely delicious. Hmmmm, now you've given me a hankering to go and bake.