Monday, December 20, 2010

BIg kids!!!!!

This was the first year in many that my Aunt didn't send the kids advent parcels working on the basis that they were getting too old! Of course while shopping one day the 'horsey' one just 'had' to have one!!! It was already well into December and had been reduced so it came home with us. Of course the next day I was back again getting one for HS as he couldn't miss out! They are Geelong Cats football ones and yes they are in prime position on the wall. I don't really mind as I aim to have a 'home' not a showroom and these are the things that make memories. I do giggle each time I walk past though!!!


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Too funny - my teens also insisted that they weren't too old. I am so glad they still have plenty of Christmas spirit:)

Mistea said...

Chocolate at Christmas - how can you ever be too old for that??

Enjoy the memories you are making with your big kids.