Monday, December 13, 2010

Friends and celebrations!

I am so blessed to have a handful of friends that I have made around Australia in the different places we have lived that will always be my friends. They are those special people that just 'get' you! There is no pretending, it is genuine. Some I see often, others not so often but it always seems like just yesterday.
A few weeks ago the 'horsey' one and I took a road trip to Adelaide for the weekend to attend the 50th Birthday celebration for one such friend. We had made this friendship in Canberra many years ago when our children were at school together. Anne and I mainly keep in touch by 'texting', we are both busy and rarely at home at the same time to talk on the phone, unconventional but it works for us! The celebration was a 'High tea' at a hotel overlooking the beach in Glenelg. It was a gorgeous atmosphere, yummy food, great coffee and fantastic company!

This is one of the tiered plates of food. All of it was so so tempting.

Just had to share this photo of my gorgeous girl, she looked lovely and even better I got a photo of her smiling without a silly face!

Anne and her daughters, gorgeous girls inside and out!

The Birthday girl and I. (terrible photo of me!!)

At the end of the afternoon the walk back to where the cars were parked seemed so much further and the 'heels' just had to go!!!!
It was a 'huge' weekend but so worth it. Sometimes we need to step outside our comfort zone and make the effort. Life is short and our friends need to know how much they mean to us.

School has finished for the year and my girl is happy about that. She has not much planned for these few weeks before Christmas, sleep ins, reading and DVD viewing!!! In the excitement of the finish we had very sad news with one of our teachers being diagnosed with breast cancer and having surgery last week. She is only 26. Her husband is also a teacher at our school. They were leaving to teach in Singapore next year but now all of their plans are on hold as their lives take a different direction. We hold them in our thoughts and prayers.

Christmas is still coming!!!(surprise surprise!),after a horse competition being cancelled because of the weather yesterday the first batch of shortbread was made (with lots of tastings!) as was a batch of chocolate spice biscuits and a practice lemon tart in preparation for Christmas Day. All the rest of the overseas mail is ready to post today. There were 2 Christmas breakups on the weekend and another 2 tonight. All on schedule at this stage!!!


Calidore said...

True friendships are those that last the miles and crazy schedules. I'm so glad you had a wonderful time with wonderful friends. The food looks amazing. Gorgeous photo of your girl too. Now do you want to come and get me organised????....roflmol

Chookyblue...... said...

yes special friendships.....sounds like a lovely time.............horsey one is gorgeous........