Friday, December 31, 2010

Eye Candy!!!

Okay so I realised today I hadn't posted all my goodies from the Australian Quilt Market which Mum and I went to in November. It was a great day and today I rediscovered the excitement and inspiration I was filled with then!!! All in time for the new year......The biggest problem will be deciding what to start first and remembering to work on some UFO's and have some finishes. Didn't realise quite how much I'd bought until I unpacked the bags again (they had been put away until after the silly season!), Mum says she remembers only too well how much we collected!! Hopefully this is not one post that SH will read or questions may be asked!
I have Fred as my model assistant for this photo shoot - is he not gorgeous???

First up were some patterns from Marg Low. She is the loveliest lady and her work is beautiful. There are some more patterns of hers on my wish list. These patterns are : Festive Star Runners, Stitched Blessings and Sweet Treats which if I remember correctly were a Christmas bundle and in a gifts bundle : Pear Tree, For the book lover (my favorite, can't wait to make this one!) and Dressy Hangers - all great ideas for presents.

From Hatched and Patched (I love their patterns!)the book 'In the life of a Bag' and the pattern for Cold Winter Scarves. I also bought the fabric kit for this to make for a friends daughter who is off to Ottawa for a 6 month exchange in a few weeks, Surprise surprise I didn't get time to make it so she was given the fabric and will make it herself!!

These are some odds and ends I collected from showbags , some threads and little squares (2 1/2 " I think!) of Rosalie Quinlan's Sweet Broderie and Sarah Fielke's 'From Little Things' (there will be purchases made of yardage of both these collections!), some fancy thread holder cards, Matilda's Qwash (something I have been wanting to try) and some Lavender Best Press, also a set of templates and a ready made pot holder I bought at a stall that has the word 'chocolate' on it - yes I am obsessed!!!

Next up (thanks again to my assistant!) is my Moda bag!!! (essential for carrying the fabric still to come), a ruler I couldn't live without, my new years Quilters Diary and some Country Collections magazines for some 'housey' inspiration! Also some hexagon paper templates which were completely not the size I thought I'd ordered when they arrived!!! Oh well I am sure I will use them!

A few more Hatched and Patched patterns - Petite Sewing Kit, Tree of Christmas Cheer and Christmas Bon Bon - all seen on blogs made up so I just had to have them!!!

Next up from Moda 2 packets of solids - Brights and Pastels! Have so many projects that these can be used with, just needed in the stash really!

Also from Moda is this set of Fat Quarters of Figtree's Buttercup. Yummy!!!

A Jelly roll of '12 days of Christmas;'. Mum and I both loved this but they came in packets of 4 jelly rolls and we couldn't justify them after everything else we'd already bought. We met a lovely lady who is just starting up her own quilting business and after sharing coffee we decided to share a packet of jelly rolls!!

Also from Moda - Oliver + S - City Weekend. I love the range of colors in this from pale pinks to reds with yellows, blues and greens in between!!!

How could I leave these 2 packets of fat 1/8s ' Bunny Hill Designs' Lily and Will II in two different colorways - cream and chocolate (yes obsessed!!!) and aqua and chocolate.

Layer cakes '3 Sisters' Oasis - I just keep patting it xxxxx

I am a novice when it comes to bags but couldn't resist this kit, the pattern for a 'Paris' bag along with all the bits and pieces needed to make it, fabric, cotton, zips (yikes!!) clips etc. I stated to Mum and our new friend that it wasn't really my choice of fabric and then wondered why they laughed , the shirt I was wearing was in similar colors!!!

Last but not least is a set of fat quarters of Lecien 'Summertime friends' by Lynette Anderson. I looked at it and looked at it some more and then listened and agreed when Mum said I really 'didn't' need it. Mum went out to the toilet and like a naughty child I went and bought it while she was gone and only confessed back in the hotel room later that night!!!! I am so glad I did because I think it is my favorite and on principle I plan on using it soon just to prove I did 'need' it!!

Well this could maybe of been over a few posts but you may never of seen it and I really need to be kept moving this year so I can do it all again in November!!!


Mistea said...

Lots of lovelies there. So much fun when you come across it again -all the same excitement as the first time with no pain($)!

Look forward to seeing all your new projects from this gorgeous stash.

Calidore said...

I'm coming shopping with you next time even if I can't buy I can still drool over your goodies...vbg. Fred is gorgeous - give him a big cuddle from me and if he ever gets sick of your place there's a warm chair here for him.

Narelle said...

Oh my! Lots of lovely goodies.
Have fun with them.

Anonymous said...

There is WAY MORE in that stash than what you told me about!! ;) lol. you better crack that whip and get sewing!!

Carol said...

Oh my, quite the kitty model you have there, it's given me the giggles.

Chookyblue...... said...

love all the better get cracking..........I got a Marg low pattern the other day.......very cute........

joolzmac said...

Thanks for your comments - oh, gee your cats make me laugh, modelling in each picture. So cute!

I'm still cleaning out the study built-in cupboard - actualy found a live redback spider in there - under the first thing I picked up!! Eeeek!

Cheers - Joolz