Thursday, January 5, 2012

A labor of love.....

I have spent the last hour or so completing a labor of love for the 'horsey' one. This morning when I picked her up after riding Henry I was informed that he had destroyed his cotton rug overnight and we would need to fix it!!!! What a challenge! I pulled out the cheap machine bought specifically for this purpose (but hardly used) and set to task. I had to patch and reinforce and finish off with hand sewing. It is done, she is happy but I hope it is a while before I have to repeat the experience. At one stage I asked whether we could just buy a new rug!!! I put it in the same category as covering school books!!!!!! Do you think I am in line for 'Mother of the year'????????????????????????
The craft project I worked on today is a Nursery Rhyme applique quilt. It has sat there so long that the visofix had separated!!! A trip down the street for more kept me going. Shame I didn't buy as much as I needed!!!
While getting a few things out of my loosely termed 'craft' area I found a few things that caused me a little concern. I found a cardboard box that when I opened up had a whole lot of patterns and fabrics in it that I had forgotten all about! There was the fat quarter set of Prairie Paisley (take 1) and surprise surprise some yardage in it as well which I had no idea at all that I had. I had actually planned to get some yardage of Prairie Paisley 2 to be able to begin a project this year!! No need now!
I also found this basket with lots of rural jardin charm squares cut into all different size and shapes. I vaguely remember cutting to try a pattern but as to what or where I would find it???? I think I will just sew them together into a table runner or blocks to put into some project. 
This has proved I really need to get some order happening this year, lucky the mojo has returned! 


Calidore said...

Your Mojo has returned!!! Don't you just love it when you find the fabric but not the pattern.....not! The second plan sounds good though - tablerunners are always useful...vbg. I'm with you though - I would have bought a new horse rug. Spending an hour fixing it isn't my idea of fun.

Kris Meares - Tag Along Teddies said...

Hey Lise! Maybe not Mother of the Year, but bet your Horsey One will remember Mum always being there to help! :0) Oooh ... having renovated and cleaned out my sewing room this time last year, I know what you mean about unearthing lost treasures. :0) There were also some "What The?!?" Moments! Tee! Hee! Hee! Have you tried using Easy Appliique instead of vlisofix? I find it stays on better and stores better. Love Rural Jardin ... it's what started my French kick! :0) Have fun!! Bear Hugs - KRIS