Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome to 2012!

Well the New Year has arrived and with it many hopes, dreams and plans for myself and my family.
We let it sneak in last night, SH and I were in bed by 10.30 and HS and the 'horsey' one were at different beach side resorts with friends seeing in the New Year. We were woken by unscheduled fireworks at 12.10 and again 12.30, as Jimmy HATES them , we were not happy!!!! Poor boy, he is reacting worse rather than better, means we can not leave him alone on any nights there is a chance they will happen.
I have made many resolutions, I always do. Whether I stay true to them all year or not they give me a beginning for how I want to live my year and if they make just the little bit of difference I think they are worthwhile!
Okay so in no particular order!

I will try not to procrastinate!!!!!!
I will be kind to myself.
I will enjoy my family and friends.
I will be happy!
I will take more photos and record our lives for the future.
I will continue to make 'lists' - not something I could give up if I tried!!
I will declutter my home.................
I will send a piece of snail mail each and every day.
I will try a new recipe each week.
I will walk daily and try to live a healthier lifestyle.
I will attend to my health.
I will craft daily (the plan is to work on 7 projects at a time, one each day of the week)
I wil read more.
I will work to a budget.
I will along with SH set goals, financial, life, home and holiday, short term and long term.
I will live dangerously!!! (SH is concerned with this one, I am not really sure what I mean!)
I will catch up with friends and  family as the opportunity arises, I will not put off for another day, I will make an effort, life is short , we are never sure what is around the corner.
I will pay compliments and reward good service.
I will meet blogger friends 'in real life' and enjoy spending time with them.
Once again - I will enjoy my family and help make their dreams come true and spend as much time with them as is possible while still letting them live and find their way in the world, I will encourage and support them and share their interests.
I pray that family rifts heal, that habits are able to be broken and that all my family and friends enjoy a year filled with health, happiness, joy, laughter and generosity xxxxxxx


Lorraine said...

phew ...good luck with the resolutions!they sound great although I am not sure about the seven projects at a time.....I think I have more than that on the go...LOL.....have a great year!

Mistea said...

Sounds like you're all set for a fabulous year.
Wishing you all the best for a fabulous 2012.

Calidore said...

Sounds like you have things pretty well under control - well on paper anyway...vbg. I do like the idea of catching up with bloggy friends - that should be on my to do list too. Enjoy the new year.

Carol said...

What an absolutely fantastic list, you could have written that for me, each and every one. Particularly the declutter. But actually all of them.

Poor poor Jimmy. You know where I live, nothing ever happens in this town! We remarked about 12.30 when we got home the you could bowl a ball down the main street and not hit anything !!

Kris Meares - Tag Along Teddies said...

Hey Lise! Happy New Year! All the best with living up to your goals for the year ... we're sharing a few, you and I, so we'll see how we both go ... remind each other from time to time! :0) Hope your holiday time has been restful and recharged your batteries. Bear Hugs! KRIS

Chookyblue...... said...

goodluck on the "not procrastinate".........and living dangerously is that meeting up with all those "axemurderers"