Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

(todays model is Gordon , the cat Mum is catsitting while his owner is overseas)

Our household had no intention of seeing in the New Year last night and were tucked up snoring in bed by 11pm. We had spent the evening watching mindless tv after a terrible breathless hot day with a north wind. We did all watch 'Dinner for one' together and I am determined this will become a new family tradition for New Years Eve. I can remember watching it before with my Aunt and Uncle from Norway and my Dad but in the past few years it had been forgotten. Just another link to the past. We were woken at midnight when fireworks began and poor Jimmy was so distraught. They had not been advertised but we had kept Jimmy and the cats in just in case. Poor Jimmy just hates them, it took him hours to recover and made for an unsettled night for us! Today we headed over to Mums and all went to one of the local pubs for lunch. It is the pub that in the past Dad spent a lot of hours so once again another link to the past. I like to think he would be pleased we were spending some time in his old watering hole even if it is a little more upmarket these days!!!
I am looking to 2011 as the year I take it a bit slower (not really sure how I will manage this!!) and the year I am kind to myself. Let's let life become a bit simpler and concentrate on the important things, family, friends and good health. I guess I want to have time to LIVE this year rather than just go through the motions.
On the quilting front I have thousands of things I would like to do but I need to be realistic. I think I will set monthly goals and see how I go! I plan to start on Christmas projects from the start so hopefully I have some things ready when December rolls around. I will post a list on Monday of what I think I can / would like to achieve for January.
On the blogging front I will hopefully get into a rhythm of posting more often, some posts may only be short and sweet but will not be too overwhelming this way!! I plan to have more quilting content but also more of my favorite recipes and other things happening in my life, so as to have a good record of my year.
I hope to read more, watch more movies, be better at keeping in touch with friends and family and to live more healthily.
I am excited about the year ahead and all it holds......Welcome 2011!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I started a little cross stitch today.... so fun!

Sheryl said...

Your plans for family new year traditions sound lovely, your plans for 2011 sound even better, I want to achieve more with my sewing than I did in 2010... because as you can guess I too have a lot to

Anne Ida said...

Wishing you a healthy, happy and creative 2011!

Beth said...

I thought I would be up late with my dog too...I was in bed by one with not many fireworks heard. I even got to sleep in!