Monday, January 17, 2011

Birthday and Beach!

Today we have been celebrating Liv's 17th Birthday. As a surprise Liv's mum (my super friend Toni) organised for the 'horsey one' and Liv to have an Indian Head massage. Both girls have announced that they LOVE massages!!! Certainly won't be their last!

We were lucky enough to eat lunch overlooking Cable Beach and took a little walk afterwards. Couldn't resist taking a photo of the girls. We are so blessed with gorgeous girls - inside and out!

Cable Beach never fails to make my heart skip a beat - the most beautiful beach in the world!

I am having a little time on the computer and although I am doing some blog reading I will be pushing to comment this week, sorry!


Anonymous said...

It looks beautiful!! Enjoy your time!

Jimmyisbetterthancats said...

Hey choco cat, whilst you are flouncing around in sunny broome whats your dedicated hubby doing? who is cooking, cleaning and ironing for him