Friday, January 14, 2011


If all things go according to plan the 'horsey' one and I are visiting a very dear friend and her daughters (who just happen to be my two goddaughters) tomorrow afternoon. Today I made a very decadent 'White chocolate and caramello brownie'. The photo certainly doesn't do it justice!!! Not sure that SH was impressed when he found out it had almost 3 blocks of chocolate in it, he was a little brighter when I put some in the fridge for him and HS to share!!! Everything in moderation!!!

This photo is just 'because' I can!!! I warm my towel on the heater in the bathroom before my shower and the other morning I found Peter enjoying the warmth!!! He looked very cute but I will remember to shut the door now!

The 'horsey' one and I are not sure if tomorrow will go according to plan as today all the roads to Ballarat and then Melbourne were cut with flooding! No panic until we check the roads report in the morning! This week has reminded us not to worry about the little things.....

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Anonymous said...

Looks yummy!! I hope they appreciate that you left even one piece each!!! ;) Drive safe if you do end up heading to Melbourne and have fun!