Friday, January 7, 2011

One tick!

Well one of my sewing goals for January has been completed and I am SO excited!!! I made my first 'mug rug' today and it certainly won't be my last, it is true when its said that they are addictive! I was apprehensive but the link Calidore sent me (she is amazing, you want to know something ask her! and she is so generous with her knowledge) for a tutorial was amazingly simple. It was started and finished within an hour and I could not be happier with the result. A real confidence boost for me!

I really wanted to get it made so I could post it Monday as it is part of a Birthday gift for my cousin. On boxing day I picked up a mug, wafers and tea set (greatly reduced) and chose the fabrics to match. I think this makes a nice present, I would certainly be happy to receive it!

While the kids are away I thought I'd take advantage of the hot weather and wash all the sheets and blankets. Oops Comanche somehow got mixed up in the sheets and ended up in the washing machine. He has been the 'horsey ones' treasured companion for many years and still guards her room if she isn't there. He looked so cute hanging on the line!!! (not sure that she would agree!)

I finished my first book for 2011 this morning and have to admit I sobbed at the end! A lovely book especially if you are a 'cat person'!


Margaret said...

I am sure the mug mat present will be appreciated, so lovely with everything matching. I will get the book for a friend, who loves cats and is a real softy. great post.

Jo Jo said...

Go girl! Love the mug rig...the colours are really fresh...a great start for 2011!!!! I couldnt read the book...I love cats too much, having 2 little ones myself...I am emotional already and I just looked at the cover! xoxox

Mistea said...

Yay on the mug rug finish.

I'll have to look out for that book I think a little reading is in order this year.

Thanks for sharing

Sherry said...

Would you mind passing on the link to the mug rug tutorial?

Yours looks lovely. . .definitely a "day brightener". . .especially since we are getting snow here in NJ again!

Thank you for the book recommendation; but I wouldn't be able to read it. There have been tons of books along the same line (but with dogs) that people have said I should read but I just can't do it.

So, now that you are off to a roaring start on getting things done in 2011 what is next on the agenda???

Anonymous said...

Well done on your finish!! Ohh... poor horsey on the clothesline.... I do that regularly to our kids stuff... we oftens have numerous dinosaurs hanging out on the line together!

Calidore said...

ohhh stunning. I love the colours!!!! Ohh and now my head is swelling...vbg. At least someone appreciates me.....roflmol.

Anne Heidi said...

The mug rug is really nice- I love the colors you used :-)
The horse looks too cute hanging on the line- all nice and clean!