Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy Australia Day 2011!

SH and I have had a quiet day pottering around the house today and I have to say I've achieved absolutely nothing although I did manage a little stitching while watching some tennis. SH has been a champion and trying to find out where I have gone wrong with the Pony club books that won't balance. Think he is getting increasingly frustrated! Luckily he has tennis tonight so should feel better after bashing the ball a bit!! Both the kids are off with their friends, the 'horsey' one in Port Fairy for the day and HS and his girlfriend trying to get around 4 different Australia Day celebrations. They have just been home for bathers!! They are drinking the ginger beer brewed a few weeks ago and are very happy with it!

Wishing everyone a 'Happy Australia Day Mate'!!!!!

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Margaret said...

The acpounts will probaly be something easy like a transposed amount, or a doubling up . Believe me there done that.