Saturday, January 15, 2011

Crazy chooks!

Mum has decided she has too much time on her hands!! She has just finished these 'crazy chooks', that is not what they are called but I'm not sure of their real title. They are to be hung in a doorway to protect , welcome and warn. They are amazing and the amount of work she has put into them is astounding. We have all taken a liking to them. They are by the front door at the moment but are currently being tested in lots of different positions. The light was so bad when I decided to photograph them last night that I hung them in the bathroom just to take the photos!!


Calidore said...

Send Mum my way she can do some sewing for me. Love the chooks.

Margaret said...

White chocolate and caramello --- How decadent is that ???????

love the chooks, roosters what ever.

Mistea said...

Gorgeous chooks - I can see why you would call them crazy, that is amazing detail. Love how your mum has finished them differently.

Hope you manage to stay above water!