Monday, January 3, 2011

January Sewing Goals!

Well who knows how I will go but here they are!
Hatched and Patched Christmas Bon Bon - want to have one finished but would be nice if it was more than one!
Christmas Stitching that Hanne gave on her blog - so cute!
Mug Rug - One for a January Birthday but if it is addictive and easy as I think maybe more
Get out my Nursery Rhyme bom and work on one block (not really even sure where I am up to with this???)
Decide on a pattern and fabric for a quilt for my Sister-in-law for her 50th Birthday in March (really need to have more than just decisions made but that is at least a start!!)
Pick up my knitting when able, any rows knitted are better than none!!

I will report back at the end of the month. I have a week away when all I will be able to do is stitch and maybe not even that in the heat.

Today we have realised we have quite a few 'big' birthdays to celebrate this year, 2 18th's, 2 50th's, 2 80th's, 1 70th and 1 21st!!! At least a few of these I would like to make something special for. I'll keep you updated as I have ideas.


Margaret said...

Goals are for sailing through and you suere have a few to get on the right foot with. I like the idea of knitting a few rows "any rows knitted are better than none " I have two charity knitted throws on the go, from last winter. Hope the offers are all that ds wants.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Good luck with your list!! Sounds like a busy year with lots of significant birthdays for your family. We have my parents 50th wedding anniversary but that is the only big one this year.

Anonymous said...

Good on you for listing your goals! I'll try to help and not hinder!

Mistea said...

That list should keep you on track - lucky you have all those gorgeous supplies from Quilt market to get started immediately.

Look forward to seeing the gorgeousness you decide on for those special birthdays.

Cardygirl said...

Lots of goals! Lots of special birthdays too!